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Based in Miami, Florida, Events by Elle offers full-service event coordination. We strive to create a memorable, successful event and delightful planning experience for our clients. Throughout the entire planning process, you can take comfort in knowing that we will ensure your event is an experience you and your guests will never forget.
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The best thing about memories is making them. We’ll handle the rest.



Creating Memorable Experiences Through Creative Event Planning And Management


An event can be more than just a physical space; more than a moment in time. It can be defining. Joyous. Inspiring. Poignant. Perfect. All at once. We are a team of event professionals that make sure your event fulfills that potential.


Events By Elle is a leading event management agency and one of the top event planning companies in Miami. We work closely with our clients to craft memorable experiences for every occasion with special attention to detail and tireless pursuit of the sublime. That means making sure your Wedding, Corporate Event, Gala, or Special Occasion is conceived to fit your personal style and executed with professional precision.


Make Every Event Super Special, Work with Event Specialists


We offer full-service coordination for designing, planning, and managing every type of event to celebrate any kind of occasion. Our hallmark versatility, extensive experience, and strong vendor relationships have been the driving force behind delivering a variety of unique events for both private clients and some of the world’s most recognizable brands.

All Events By Elle clients benefit from our multidisciplinary expertise and longstanding industry connections, making it easy to find the very best florists, caterers, performers, venues and more for your event.

From catering to experiential event production, every aspect of what we do is expertly curated to not only fulfill your requirements–but exceed your expectations.


We Create Beautiful Event Experiences That Remain Etched In Your Memory


At Events By Elle, our team is driven with a passion to make every event count. We pride ourselves on developing event experiences that are aesthetically beautiful, never ordinary, and always meaningful. The success of every Event By Elle is defined by delivering the very best from start to finish, so each event we produce resonates with both our client and their guests. Reaching that goal always comes at the intersection of collaboration, creativity, and expert execution. Our team loves working towards that goal every day–and that is our highest priority.


“Seeing the look of awe and happiness come across a client’s face when all the hard work comes together, is the best feeling world.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Elle Becerra


Designing An Event Just The Way You Want It, With Love


Simply put, an event any event is really just two or more people in a room or defined space. That’s it. So much can be done, and the possibilities are endless. Our years of experience have taught us one thing above all else–every event presents countless opportunities to show your style, make a statement, or indulge in luxury–but the most important aspect of any event is the gathering–the coming together. Knowing what to do or not do in service to establishing that sense of connection is crucial, whether for a corporate function or family affair.

Events By Elle is trusted by clients in South Florida and nationwide to strike that delicate balance, ensuring each client’s event is truly customized to what they want in order to both captivate and connect. That’s the difference between retaining just any local event organizer or part-time party planner, and working with the professionals at Events By Elle.


We are committed to working one-on-one with our clients–on their schedule, in Miami or destination, large-scale conference or intimate cocktail. No matter the time, place, crowd, or concept–we empower our clients to host spectacular gatherings with their own mark of distinction and grant them peace of mind in knowing that their event is held in good hands.

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